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Beauty and longevity as well as strength and functionally coupled with sound engineering and a proven reputation for quality in a dock system.

Boat Lifts

Boat lifts can transform the way you use and appreciate your watercraft in a way you were unable to before installation!


A premier fleet of excavation and dredging equipment enables us to provide safe and responsible dredging solutions for all of our clients.


Retaining walls repel waves and hold back the ground, preventing it from washing away during storms. Seawalls are vital to the preservation of your waterfront property.

Rip Rap

Riprap revetments are a very effective method from limiting shoreline erosion in canals and waterways.

Helical Anchors

Helical Piles are popular today because of fast installation, design flexibility, small footprint, suitability for various soil types, minimal vibration, and being ideal for restricted areas.

Marina with boats and boat houses in Southwest Florida built by Florida Marine Construction


Our expertise is increasingly called upon to solve modernisation and remodelling issues at existing marinas.

Another excellent lake bank restoration project Naples Florida.

Lake Bank Restoration

Water is the driving force of nature and raindrops can exert significant force and impact the lake shoreline. The resulting soil erosion is often difficult to detect and consequently is often ignored.